Design Studio

Introduction to design and design studio experience. Principles of design, sketching/rendering, mockups, and participating in and learning the value of critiques.

Skill level: All Skill Levels

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen, Jonathan has a degree in Graphic design from Cornell University, forty years experience as a professional furniture maker/designer, and has taught furniture design at the University of Washington for over twenty years.

Class Length: 10 weeks, 6 hours per week.

Class Schedule: Twice weekly, September 11 – November 15, 2018, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:30-4:30 pm.

Tuition: $1775

Enrollment: Open

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In Design Studio at the Ebanista School, we will be going over the nature and importance of good design. Early classes will be an opportunity to look at existing work, learning to look for what makes for good design and developing a critical eye that is able to distinguish what works from what does not.

By the third week, each student will demonstrate to the class some of their original creations and will select one to develop more fully.

Actual construction of each student’s design should begin by the fifth or sixth week. Weekly hour-long class meetings to discuss improvements in ongoing work and get feedback from the instructor and other students will be a feature of the design studio.

By the end of the ten-week course, students should expect to have hundreds of drawings from which to work and develop ideas in the future, and they should have a more robust confidence in their own creative ideas.


By the end of the ten-week program the student should:

  • Have begun to absorb the language of design.
  • Have developed a notebook of their own ideas for projects.
  • Learned the value of mockups.
  • Learned to explore an idea or theme in depth.
  • Learned to give constructive design feedback to peers.
  • Take home a project of their own design.


There are no prerequisites for Design Studio. Bring lots of ideas and a willingness to work with other students on developing good design skills.

Materials: Sketch pads and/or laptops are welcome. Project materials included.