Our Instructors

Stephen Barney
Stephen Barney
Stephen Barney began his life in woodworking 47 years ago, apprenticing under a master craftsman in Kyoto, Japan. He was one of the original members of the NW Gallery of Fine Woodworking. His extraordinary craftsmanship and understanding of planecraft and Japanese tools bring wonderful learning opportunities to Ebanista.
Jonathan Cohen
Jonathan Cohen (Director) was an early correspondent for Fine Woodworking Magazine, and taught for 18 years in the furniture design program at the University of Washington. He has maintained his Design/Build furniture studio in Seattle for 40 years. His work is collected across North America and Europe.
Peter Peterson
Peter has been a professional sawyer for over 5 years. since 2007 he has worked in trades that depend on custom sawmills for their material supply. At the age of twenty , Peter studied traditional boatbuilding at a residential school in Norway. His love for that still runs deep in his veins.