This will be the second session of the Ebanista School of Fine Woodworking. During the first session, classes were full, energy was high and our students produced amazing results. Class size is limited to five students so that everyone receives a lot of individual attention. Classes fill up quickly. First priority is given to existing students. So come be a part of something new and exciting.

10 Week Classes

Woodworking Essentials


A complete course covering foundational knowledge and core woodworking skills recommended for all serious woodworkers.

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Woodworking Essentials here at the Ebanista School provides the student with 60 hours of lectures and hands-on practical knowledge. The student should come equipped with a thirst to learn fine woodworking skills, focus, and desire to work.

Session A: 1/28  – 4/1/19. MW  6:30-9:30 pm.
Session B: 1/29 – 4/4/19. TTh  1:30-4:30 pm
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Joinery / Small Cabinet Studio


Dates: 1/29/2019-4/4/2019 TTh 6:30-9:30pm

Skill level: Intermediate / Advanced

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

An in-depth look at all the important ways to put wood together including dovetails, finger joints, mortise and tenon, splined miters, and more. We will also explore bent laminating. Students will design and build a small cabinet project incorporating their knowledge of joinery. The project will include at least one door and one drawer to help the student gain knowledge in these fundamental skills of cabinetmaking. Any and all of the weekend workshops will be very useful additions to this class. Materials included.

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Design Studio – 10 Weeks


Dates: Fridays 2/1 – 4/5 3:30 – 7:30 pm

Skill level: All

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Introduction to design and design studio experience. Principles of design, sketching/rendering, mockups, and participating in and learning the value of critiques.

Full Course Description

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Independent Furniture Studio


Dates: 2/2/2019 -4/6/2019, Saturdays 1-5 pm

Skill Level: Advanced

This studio is intended for the woodworker who wants to up their game to another level. They already have a pretty complete knowledge of machines and hand tools, have their own basic tools including planes, chisels, marking tools, etc. The student should arrive with a project already in mind and on paper, prepared to get started from the beginning, and able to work mostly on their own.

*To sign up, you must have completed the Joinery/IM class at the Ebanista School or by permission of the Director.

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Weekend Workshops

Sharpening with Water Stones Workshop


Date: Sunday February 17th, 11-4pm

Skill Level: All skill levels

Instructor: Stephen Barney

Sharpening your woodworking tools is the most essential skill of all, vital to achieving the skills to become a fine woodworker.  Bring your own tools if you like, or Ebanista will have some planes and chisel sets for sale. There will also be some discussion of Japanese tools.

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Veneering Workshop


Date: Saturday March 3, 2019 11:00-4:00pm

Skill Level: All skill levels

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Class Description: Veneering can be a way to open MANY doors to more kinds of fine furniture. It has been around for thousands of years, and when done well can add great beauty to a fine piece of furniture- especially as much of the most beautiful wood in the world is reserved for veneers. Also, knowing how to use, and make your own veneers can open up endless possibilities in your furniture and cabinet design. In this workshop we will learn how to cut, match and press veneers, as well as how to design with them and how to use them to their maximum advantage. We will work with a cold press and also have a demonstration with an easy to build, inexpensive vacuum press. You might be amazed at how a vacuum press can change your workshop completely, greatly expanding your possibilities.

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The Art of Finishing Workshop


Date: Sunday March 31st, 11-4pm

Skill Level: All

Instructor: Chris Miller

In this workshop, you will learn about the many kinds of finish, available and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Plus you will be shown some lesser known techniques and tricks for making your work even more special.

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