Optimizing Your Time at Ebanista School

First, we recommend you go as far in the Core Class series as you can. Becoming a fine woodworker is not something one learns overnight, nor even in a year. But with all the experience of our instructors, we have seen all our students progress at a very accelerated pace. For most students that will mean starting with the two-part Beginnings I and II classes. Then progressing on with Intermediate I, II, and III.

In addition to the foundational learning of our Core Classes, we recommend supplementing your learning with our workshops. I can’t overemphasize the benefits of learning to sharpen your tools and highly recommend our Sharpening Workshop. We offer a variety of other workshops such as veneering, and finishing, which will make the student a more complete woodworker.

Finally, a class you will not find at many other woodworking schools is our Design Studio. So many people, even those having made a living at this for decades, bemoan the fact that they have little or no background in this important facet of being a woodworker. It is not true by a longshot that everyone can design. But it IS true that everyone can learn.

Students who already have a background in woodworking and are joining Ebanista to raise their skill level further are welcome to contact the school and discuss starting in a class after Beginnings I.

For those who have schedules that don’t allow them to be at Ebanista School over a multiple week period, we are offering 5 day furniture build classes. These were originally intended for the people who have contacted us from around the U.S. and Canada, but they are also becoming popular with people in the Seattle area as well. The 5 day classes, due to time constraints cannot delve so deeply into every aspect of woodworking as the longer classes, but instead focus on a very hands on building process where students ambitiously build a complete piece of furniture.

Core Classes

Beginnings I

Update: As of Oct.1,   all Winter Beginnings I classes are all sold out. The Spring 2022 evening session is also sold out.  saturday session just sold out. there is one spot remaining in the spring saturday class. you can ask for waiting list spot by notifying us

Spring 2022: [4 weeks]

  •  Evening: M/W 6:30pm-9:30pm, Mar 14 – Apr 6, 2022
  •  Afternoon: T/Th 1:30pm-4:30pm, Apr 26 – May 19, 2022
  •  Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm, Mar 19 – May 21, 2022.

Skill level: Best place to begin. All levels

Tools required:  Mask, Ear phones (not plugs), eye protection, 10′ or 12′ tape measure,

6″ metal rule.  optional: apron, tool tote (also available at ebanista w/ school logo)

Also recommended:  Sharpening Workshop

Beginnings I is a 4 week class with over 24 hours of instruction designed to crack open the door to the amazing world of woodworking. We will help you become skilled, and SAFE, and confident with two of the major tool groups. Machines, including the all-important table saw, and the joiner, drill press, planer, band saw, and disc sander. And hand power tools such as the drill, router, sander, plate joiner, and amazing new Domino. We will also go through an introduction to the most satisfying and versatile group of woodworking tools: hand tools.

Each student will build a handsome serving tray. See photo. A set of good quality chisels will be required by the 3rd class. Ebanista has some very nice Japanese chisels for sale, or can advise students who wish to purchase on their own.

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Beginnings II


IMPORTANT: Until further notice all students must have valid proof of covid vaccines to attend classes

Update:  Winter evening session is sold out. Winter Day session has two openings remaining. contact Ebanista if you’d like to be put on a waiting list

Spring : [6 weeks]

day. T/Th. March 15 – April 21.    1:30pm – 4:30pm.
evening.   M/W. April 11 – May 18.   6:30pm – 9:30pm.

Skill level: All Levels (Pre-req: Beginnings I, or permission of the instructor)  

Project:  handmade jewelry/valuables box

Tools required for class: ear and eye protection, tape measure, set (6) of good chisels. Low angle block plane ( Most of the following tools are available at Ebanista).  6” adj square, layout tools, low-angle block plane, Japanese saw. plus many others. Call w questions.

Also recommended: Design Studio; Sharpening Workshop; Veneering Workshop

In this class, we will go more into depth on hand tools, including proper care and techniques and strategies for their use. You will learn why a planed finish is superior to one that is sanded. Why a marking knife is superior to a pencil for laying out joinery. Why accurate use of layout tools such as a combination square and a marking knife are so critical to superior woodworking. Why we believe that an intimate understanding of your chisels will start to reveal what you are capable of doing with wood. We will also start learning some of the joints that are the foundation of building furniture and cabinetry. In Beginnings II we will focus on the splined miter joint and frame-and-panel construction and include them in the class project: a handmade jewelry/valuables box.

There will also be consistent short practice sessions with our new hand planes and sharpening with Japanese water stones. Sharpening is perhaps the most important skill in all of woodworking and one you will continue to improve on and come to love throughout the years you work in wood. Even many people who have worked wood a very long time skip past learning this essential skill and are forever limited in what they are capable of. You should finish this class with a thorough exposure to hand tools and a very solid foundation to begin mastering them and incorporating them into your work. They will be emphasized and practiced in every subsequent class at Ebanista.

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Intermediate Classes


IMPORTANT: Until further notice all students must have proof of covid vaccines to attend classes.

UPDATE: 6 available spots – Winter 2022: M/W Jan. 3 – March 9. 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Spring 2022:

evening.  T/Th. March 15 – May 19.     6:30pm -9:30pm
day.     M/W.  March 14 – May 18.     1:30pm – 4:30pm

Prerequisite: Succesful completion of Beginnings II level class at Ebanista, or permission of instructor

Students will benefit from each other’s experience and the breadth of topics being taught while focusing on their own level-appropriate project. Each level builds on the skills developed in previous levels and projects are designed to provide opportunities for new skill acquisition as well as practice and mastery of the previous.

Either section is open to both IM I,  IM 2, and now, IM 3 level students


Level 1 – Small Table w/Mortise-and-tenon joinery, spokeshaved/curved legs

Level 2 –  Hall/SofaTable of the director’s design employing bent lamination techniques

Level 3- Tool Cabinet w dovetailed drawers, F&P doors. A cabinetmaking tour de force!

Level 4- CHAIRS!  ( whew. ‘Nuff Said)


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Intermediate Advanced/Chairs


Next Class: Call for more information.

Pre-requisites:  Intermediate I and/or II , or permission of the instructor.)

Also recommended: Design Studio, Veneering Workshop, Sharpening Workshop

Project: Chair

Tools required: see Intermediate II above. Plus spokeshave, rabbet plane

Also recommended: Design Studio, Veneering Workshop, Sharpening Workshop

Making chairs is one of the most difficult, and most satisfying pieces of furniture a woodworker can make. Most all other pieces always have two critical criteria they must reach. Quality of work, and appeal of design. If it is not well built, it obviously will not last. If its’ design is not appealing, you won’t want it to last. Achieving both in one piece of furniture should be your minimum requirement every time you begin a piece. 

But with chairs there is one more important element to add to the mix: ergonomics. Even if your chair is well made and well designed, if it is not comfortable, no one will want to sit in it. It becomes a plant stand, or a place to throw your keys. You will need to gain more understanding of the human body and the support it needs. Good chairs often take years to develop, but in this ten-week class, we will start with one of the instructor’s designs and leap into making a relatively simple looking chair that will challenge your ability to cut precision joinery, and cut and plane curved pieces of wood, and even to dabble in fabrics and upholstery. Completing this class successfully should give a student a sense that they are beginning to be able to build nearly anything in wood.

If a student has made it through this entire series of classes, constantly worked on their sharpening and hand tool skills, and developed their sense of design, it takes no leap of faith to believe that the whole world of woodworking is now theirs for the taking.

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Design Studio


Update: Enrollment is now open for Winter and Spring 2022 Design Studio. This course has a major advantage over all our other courses in that it can be taught remotely, if necessary. (we did it Spring 2020 and it worked out really well).


Fridays: January 7 – March 11, 4:00pm-7:30pm

Fridays: March 18 – May 20,    4:00pm-7:30pm

Skill level: All

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Introduction to design and design studio experience. Principles of design, sketching/rendering, mockups, and participating in and learning the value of critiques. Design is by far the most common part of woodworking that even longtime woodworkers will tell you they lack and wished they had a chance to learn. It is one of the signature classes here at the Ebanista School of Fine Woodworking, as almost no other schools even offer a design course. Building your own work, work that came from your own ideas, rather than from a magazine or a set of plans, is, in our opinion, one of the best reasons to become a woodworker. It really s exciting to see your own ideas reach fruition.

Both visual design and structural design as it pertains to woodworking are covered. Instructor has a degree in design and over 45 years of design experience. This class is one of the most relaxed and fun here at Ebanista.  Also available to non-woodworkers ( such as interior designers) – who want a better understanding of furniture design. Class hours were designed to not interfere with workweeks, give a Friday afternoon transition time and still leave the evening open for family and friends.

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10 Week Classes

Work Bench



Skill Level: All Levels

Instructors: Ebanista Staff

Dates: Saturdays, 12-5 pm, Spring 2021

Having a really nice work bench is one of the greatest pleasures for a woodworker. It is also a very strong incentive for doing your best work each time you are next to it. My bench is, after spending thousands of hours at it for over 40 years, still one of my most satisfying pieces.

In this class we will be building the very beautiful  and practical Roubo split top bench, that has become very popular in recent years, despite being first made hundreds of years ago. Each participant will custom fit her/his bench to their own needs for height and length, for their choice of woods and hardware, and a number of other special options. These will literally be one-of-a-kind pieces.

Because of the special nature of this project, class registration will need be made before the end of Dec. 2020., for a number of reasons. First, class size will be strictly limited. More importantly, lumber must be purchased and stored at Ebanista so that it will have extra time to season and stabilize to ensure that these benches will be around for a very long time. Class tuition covers studio time, instruction and basic material costs, such as sandpaper and glue. Lumber costs and hardware costs are the responsibility of each student, as individual choices will likely vary. Besides having a very special piece of your work to take home at the end of this class, you should see a noticeable leap forward in your woodworking skills, as building a workbench requires a broad range of woodworking skills. As usual, contact the school w any questions. We recommend signing up as soon as you can, class sells out, and is only offered once per year.


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5 Day Build Workshops

Cherry Writing Desk Class


Next offering: Tuesday-Saturday Sept 7-11, 2021 – 9:30am – 5:00pm

Note: Cost of the course is ($1350 + $100) x 3% Processing Fee, the $100 is for materials.

Skill level: All Levels

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Introducing 5 day intense building classes. 5 consecutive days, 7 hours/day. Instructor has designed a cherry writing desk to be built in its’ entirety, which each student will take with them at the end of the course.  Each subsequent class will also involve a different small piece of furniture, and the price includes all lumber and hardware. Early registration is encouraged as the materials will be purchased in advance to start the seasoning process and prepping before class starts. This class represents a bit of a departure from the structure of our 10 week classes. In those, the heavy emphasis is on teaching new skills and information, and the class projects are seen as a hands on manner of practicing those skills. In the 5 day classes the emphasis is on taking a project from start to completion, with  a great deal of learning occurring during the process. Ideal also for those outside the Seattle area, or those who cannot fit a 10 week course in to their schedules.

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Hall Table w Secret Drawer


Fall: call for more information

Required: Ear and eye protection, tape measure, chisels and a low angle block plane

In our 5 Day Build workshops students will experience the entire process of taking a piece of furniture from a drawing to a completed piece, which they will keep. During the week students will also gain a great deal of knowledge on proper and safe use of many of the tools in a woodworking shop. The table we will be building is ideally suited for an entryway or behind a couch. The great fun in this piece is the secret drawer hidden in plain sight. Your table will look very much like the one in the photograph without the lower shelf ( time).

Ebanista will provide all materials needed, including wood, glue, sandpaper, if needed, and a very nice finish, for a nominal $100 included with registration.

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Weekend Workshops

Open Shop Time


Update: new open shop is slated for Saturdays,  1:30-4:30  Sept 9- Dec. 5, 2020

Cost: $90/session

Independent shop time is intended to give Ebanista students a chance to have further access to the shop, with the instructor on site and available for advice and short demonstrations. There will not be class wide teaching, our regular classes are the place for that. This is an opportunity for students to work, as the name suggests, independently. Students may sign up for individual open shop segments on Saturday afternoons. Sessions will be limited to five students. If there are not a minimum of 3 students signed up for each session, Ebanista reserves the right to postpone that session and allow the student to sign up for any future time. Students will be notified no later than Thursday PM, if there is any change. From initial responses there is a pool of approximately 14 interested ebanistas so we would encourage reserving spots early. At this time we are accepting only current or past students of the Ebanista School of Fine Woodworking, including those already signed up for the first time. Please contact the school w  further questions. Students are expected to provide their own hand tools and materials, with many of these available for purchase through the school.


Shop Economics


Date: Winter: Sunday, February 6, 1:00-4:30pm  Spring: Sunday, April 10th, 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Note: Course taught virtually over Zoom

Note: this workshop is NOT just for woodworkers thinking of going into business for themselves. If you are just thinking of opening a small shop just for your own work, you will learn a lot of things designed to get your shop up and manageable.

Skill Level: Open to all

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

At first glance, this workshop might seem to be an oxymoron. If you wanted to be good at business, why would you become a woodworker? This class is NOT designed to be a crackerjack Economics course, but to teach the very important fundamental aspects of keeping your love for woodworking a viable one. Not taking care of the planning and money will stop you from making a life, or a hobby, as an Ebanista, (or any other craft if you’d like to invite a friend), far quicker than just about any other problem you will face. 

We will discuss setting up a shop, machinery and tool purchase, whether to hire any employees if things start taking off, taxes, how to deal with clients, how to calculate costs and give estimates that pay you enough, the very important attention that should be paid to photographing your work and some tricks for keeping those costs under control, and strategies for dealing with galleries if you choose to give your work a wider audience.

I do not think there is anyone who has less interest in being described as a businessperson than I. But if you don’t at least become comfortable with the information in this workshop, you know what they say….ignore it at your own peril. As with most of what is taught at Ebanista, we do not claim to be teaching anything you could not learn on your own, eventually. The question is whether you want to avoid years of pitfalls and obstacles to get to your objectives. 

The instructor, Jonathan, has over 43 years of running a professional furniture studio (business) and showing in galleries across the U.S.

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Saw Your Own Lumber Workshop


Saw Your Own Lumber

Date: Sunday, Sept 19,2021 – 11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Skill level: Open to all

Instructor: Peter Peterson

( Please note: this workshop is not held at the Ebanista School shop , but rather at a professional saw yard in South Seattle, 1/2mile from the new school location.  wear old clothes and boots, and bring earphones, safety glasses, gloves and boots. Bag lunch.   ***Also wkshp subject to quick schedule change due to weather)

Professional full time sawyer Peter Peterson is welcoming us to give an amazing introduction to sawing your own lumber. Much of this will be hands-on. You will watch as he revs up the huge industrial saw that he and Urban Hardwoods use every day to produce their amazing slabs, move down to a much smaller portable horizontal bandsaw mill, and then we will finish with a hand held chainsaw mill. It is mesmerizing to pull off fresh colorful beautiful slabs of wood. join us just for the experience or to give yourself a huge head start in making your own lumber. You will gain an in depth understanding to where ( and why) your lumber comes from.

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Make a Wooden Hand Plane


Fall: Saturday 10/23 2:30-5:30 ; Sunday 10/24 12:30-4

Note: this is a two-day workshop. The first session is to glue up plane bodies, the second to shape and tune them.

Skill level: Open to all levels

Instructor: Stephen Barney

Making your own planes is an amazing way to gain a deeper understanding of planecraft and to customize your stable of these iconic hand tools to your own needs. In this class we will de-mystify the process and under the tutelage of extraordinary craftsman Stephen Barney, who has made many of his own planes (in use for decades now), tune them and hone them to become some of your favorite hand tools. There is an additional $70- charge for the handmade extremely high quality plane irons we will be using (payable at the first class). After all, what is the point in hand making a plane and using a cheap, factory iron? Students will find it very satisfying at the end of the workshop to carry their own new planes back to their work benches. Ebanista will provide the wood.

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Sharpening with Water Stones


IMPORTANT: Until further notice all students must have proof of covid vaccines to attend classes at Ebanista.

Date: Winter: Sunday, January 23, 2022 & Sunday, February 20, 2022  Spring: Sunday, April  3, 2022 & Sunday, May 1, 2022

Time: 11 am – 4 pm

Skill Level: All skill levels

Instructor: Stephen Barney

Sharpening your woodworking tools is the most essential skill of all, vital to achieving the skills to become a fine woodworker.   Every person attending these workshops so far has commented on how much this workshop has boosted their woodworking skills. Bring your own tools if you like, or Ebanista will have some planes and chisel sets for sale. There will also be some discussion of Japanese tools. This is a fine opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced woodworkers on the West coast. These classes are always very popular, so we recommend you sign up early.

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Veneering Workshop


Date: March 6, 2022
Time: 11am – 4pm

Skill Level: All skill levels

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Class Description: Veneering can be a way to open MANY doors to more kinds of fine furniture. It has been around for thousands of years, and when done well can add great beauty to a fine piece of furniture- especially as much of the most beautiful wood in the world is reserved for veneers. Also, knowing how to use, and make your own veneers can open up endless possibilities in your furniture and cabinet design. In this workshop we will learn how to cut, match and press veneers, as well as how to design with them and how to use them to their maximum advantage. We will work with a cold press and also have a demonstration with an easy to build, inexpensive vacuum press. You might be amazed at how a vacuum press can change your workshop completely, greatly expanding your possibilities. 

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The Art of Finishing Workshop


Date: May 2, 2021.
Time: 11am – 4pm.

Note: Workshop sells out very quickly.

Skill Level: All

Instructor: Eric Foss

In this workshop, you will learn about the many kinds of finishes available and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Plus you will be shown some lesser known techniques and tricks for making your work even more special. the instructor has over 40 years experience.

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