Design Studio


Update: Enrollment is now open for the Summer 2021 Design Studio. This course has a major advantage over all our other courses in that it can be taught remotely, if necessary. ( we did it Spring 2020 and it worked out really well).


F.   Jan 7-  Mar 11     4-7:30.

Skill level: All

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Introduction to design and design studio experience. Principles of design, sketching/rendering, mockups, and participating in and learning the value of critiques. Design is by far the most common part of woodworking that even longtime woodworkers will tell you they lack and wished they had a chance to learn. It is one of the signature classes here at the Ebanista School of Fine Woodworking, as almost no other schools even offer a design course. Building your own work, work that came from your own ideas, rather than from a magazine or a set of plans, is, in our opinion, one of the best reasons to become a woodworker. It really s exciting to see your own ideas reach fruition.

Both visual design and structural design as it pertains to woodworking are covered. Instructor has a degree in design and over 45 years of design experience. This class is one of the most relaxed and fun here at Ebanista.  Also available to non-woodworkers ( such as interior designers) – who want a better understanding of furniture design. Class hours were designed to not interfere with workweeks, give a Friday afternoon transition time and still leave the evening open for family and friends.

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