Classes and workshops at Ebanista are open to all races, genders, and ideas. One of our goals is to strongly encourage women, historically very underrepresented in this profession, to join us and bring a fresh perspective. Students must be at least 18 years of age, unless permission is given by the director on an individual basis. Classes are filled first come, first served.

Cost of each class is listed on the class page. All shop materials (finish, sandpaper, glues, and some woods) are included in the price. Additional materials, such as pieces of wood of the student’s choosing , and special hardware,  are the responsibility of the student, unless noted as included in the price.

A student for all classes will be accepted as registered and a place held for them upon receipt of non-refundable funds paid electronically via the Ebanista Schoolwebsite, or a check, made out to “Ebanista School” for full cost. For other payment arrangements please contact Ebanista.

Participants in the workshops will be registered upon receipt of full payment.  We can also accept walk-ins to workshops, but only until workshop is full.  We recommend signing up early to avoid being placed on a waiting list.

If Ebanista needs to modify the class schedule for any reason, it may with all payments returned.  If a student changes their plans, they may do so until one week prior to start date, after which they may put tuition paid toward another class.

Ear protection and safety glasses are mandatory for all classes beginning on the first day. Mandatory means just that; Safety is of paramount importance!  Respectful comportment is expected at all times.

No smoking, alcohol or recreational drugs of any kind or at any time at Ebanista. It is too dangerous for the student, other students and instructors. If a student is deemed to be unable to take place in a class, they will be asked to leave.

There are a dozen restaurants within 100 meters of the school, or students may bring their own food, snacks, and drinks.