Open Shop Time


Update: new open shop is slated for Saturdays,  1:30-4:30  Sept 9- Dec. 5, 2020

Cost: $90/session

Independent shop time is intended to give Ebanista students a chance to have further access to the shop, with the instructor on site and available for advice and short demonstrations. There will not be class wide teaching, our regular classes are the place for that. This is an opportunity for students to work, as the name suggests, independently. Students may sign up for individual open shop segments on Saturday afternoons. Sessions will be limited to five students. If there are not a minimum of 3 students signed up for each session, Ebanista reserves the right to postpone that session and allow the student to sign up for any future time. Students will be notified no later than Thursday PM, if there is any change. From initial responses there is a pool of approximately 14 interested ebanistas so we would encourage reserving spots early. At this time we are accepting only current or past students of the Ebanista School of Fine Woodworking, including those already signed up for the first time. Please contact the school w  further questions. Students are expected to provide their own hand tools and materials, with many of these available for purchase through the school.