Shop Economics


Date: Sunday Nov 14, 12:30 – 4:30 pm

Note: Course taught virtually over Zoom

Note: this workshop is NOT just for woodworkers thinking of going into business for themselves. If you are just thinking of opening a small shop just for your own work, you will learn a lot of things designed to get your shop up and manageable.

Skill Level: Open to all

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

At first glance, this workshop might seem to be an oxymoron. If you wanted to be good at business, why would you become a woodworker? This class is NOT designed to be a crackerjack Economics course, but to teach the very important fundamental aspects of keeping your love for woodworking a viable one. Not taking care of the planning and money will stop you from making a life, or a hobby, as an Ebanista, (or any other craft if you’d like to invite a friend), far quicker than just about any other problem you will face. 

We will discuss setting up a shop, machinery and tool purchase, whether to hire any employees if things start taking off, taxes, how to deal with clients, how to calculate costs and give estimates that pay you enough, the very important attention that should be paid to photographing your work and some tricks for keeping those costs under control, and strategies for dealing with galleries if you choose to give your work a wider audience.

I do not think there is anyone who has less interest in being described as a businessperson than I. But if you don’t at least become comfortable with the information in this workshop, you know what they say….ignore it at your own peril. As with most of what is taught at Ebanista, we do not claim to be teaching anything you could not learn on your own, eventually. The question is whether you want to avoid years of pitfalls and obstacles to get to your objectives. 

The instructor, Jonathan, has over 43 years of running a professional furniture studio (business) and showing in galleries across the U.S.

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