Saw Your Own Lumber Workshop


Saw Your Own Lumber

Date: Sunday, Sept 19,2021 – 11:00 am to 4:30 pm

Skill level: Open to all

Instructor: Peter Peterson

( Please note: this workshop is not held at the Ebanista School shop , but rather at a professional saw yard in South Seattle, 1/2mile from the new school location.  wear old clothes and boots, and bring earphones, safety glasses, gloves and boots. Bag lunch.   ***Also wkshp subject to quick schedule change due to weather)

Professional full time sawyer Peter Peterson is welcoming us to give an amazing introduction to sawing your own lumber. Much of this will be hands-on. You will watch as he revs up the huge industrial saw that he and Urban Hardwoods use every day to produce their amazing slabs, move down to a much smaller portable horizontal bandsaw mill, and then we will finish with a hand held chainsaw mill. It is mesmerizing to pull off fresh colorful beautiful slabs of wood. join us just for the experience or to give yourself a huge head start in making your own lumber. You will gain an in depth understanding to where ( and why) your lumber comes from.

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