Make a Wooden Hand Plane


Fall: Saturday 10/23 2:30-5:30 ; Sunday 10/24 12:30-4

Note: this is a two-day workshop. The first session is to glue up plane bodies, the second to shape and tune them.

Skill level: Open to all levels

Instructor: Stephen Barney

Making your own planes is an amazing way to gain a deeper understanding of planecraft and to customize your stable of these iconic hand tools to your own needs. In this class we will de-mystify the process and under the tutelage of extraordinary craftsman Stephen Barney, who has made many of his own planes (in use for decades now), tune them and hone them to become some of your favorite hand tools. There is an additional $70- charge for the handmade extremely high quality plane irons we will be using (payable at the first class). After all, what is the point in hand making a plane and using a cheap, factory iron? Students will find it very satisfying at the end of the workshop to carry their own new planes back to their work benches. Ebanista will provide the wood.

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