Cherry Writing Desk Class


Next offering: Tuesday-Saturday Sept 7-11, 2021 – 9:30am – 5:00pm

Note: Cost of the course is ($1350 + $100) x 3% Processing Fee, the $100 is for materials.

Skill level: All Levels

Instructor: Jonathan Cohen

Introducing 5 day intense building classes. 5 consecutive days, 7 hours/day. Instructor has designed a cherry writing desk to be built in its’ entirety, which each student will take with them at the end of the course.  Each subsequent class will also involve a different small piece of furniture, and the price includes all lumber and hardware. Early registration is encouraged as the materials will be purchased in advance to start the seasoning process and prepping before class starts. This class represents a bit of a departure from the structure of our 10 week classes. In those, the heavy emphasis is on teaching new skills and information, and the class projects are seen as a hands on manner of practicing those skills. In the 5 day classes the emphasis is on taking a project from start to completion, with  a great deal of learning occurring during the process. Ideal also for those outside the Seattle area, or those who cannot fit a 10 week course in to their schedules.

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