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Beginnings II

with Jonathan Cohen

Next session: February 1st to March 10th, 2021

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Skill level: All Levels (Pre-req: Beginnings I, or permission of the instructor)  

Project:  handmade jewelry/valuables box

Tools required for class: ear and eye protection, tape measure, set (6) of good chisels. Low angle block plane ( Most of the these tools are available at Ebanista).  6” adj square, layout tools, low-angle block plane, Japanese saw. plus many others. Call w questions.

Also recommended: Design Studio; Sharpening Workshop; Veneering Workshop

In this class, we will go more into depth on hand tools, including proper care and techniques and strategies for their use. You will learn why a planed finish is superior to one that is sanded. Why a marking knife is superior to a pencil for laying out joinery. Why accurate use of layout tools such as a combination square and a marking knife are so critical to superior woodworking. Why we believe that an intimate understanding of your chisels will start to reveal what you are capable of doing with wood. We will also start learning some of the joints that are the foundation of building furniture and cabinetry. In Beginnings II we will focus on the splined miter joint (pictured above),and frame-and-panel construction and include them in the class project.

There will also be consistent short practice sessions with our new hand planes and sharpening with Japanese water stones. Sharpening is perhaps the most important skill in all of woodworking and one you will continue to improve on and come to love throughout the years you work in wood. Even many people who have worked wood a very long time skip past learning this essential skill and are forever limited in what they are capable of. You should finish this class with a thorough exposure to hand tools and a very solid foundation to begin mastering them and incorporating them into your work. They will be emphasized and practiced in every subsequent class at Ebanista.

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Beginnings I

with Jonathan Cohen

Next session: February 16th to March 11th, 2021

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Skill level: Best place to begin. All levels

Tools required: Ear phones (not plugs), eye protection, 10′ or 12′ tape measure, pencils, 6″ metal rule. optional: apron, tool tote (also available at ebanista w school logo)

Also recommended:  Sharpening Workshop

Beginnings I is a 4 week class with over 24 hours of instruction designed to crack open the door to the amazing world of woodworking. We will help you become skilled, and SAFE, and confident with two of the major tool groups. Machines, including the all-important table saw, and the joiner, drill press, planer, band saw, and disc sander. And hand power tools such as the drill, router, sander, plate joiner, and amazing new Domino. We will also go through an introduction to the most satisfying and versatile group of woodworking tools: hand tools.

Each student will build a handsome serving tray. See photo. A set of good quality chisels will be required by the 3rd class. Ebanista has some very nice Japanese chisels for sale, or can advise students who wish to purchase on their own.

Principal joint used is a tongue-and-groove