Intermediate – Level I

Intermediate – Level I

with Jonathan Cohen


Level I - Small Table w/ Mortise-and-Tenon Joinery


Skill level: All Levels (Pre-req: Beginnings I, or permission of the instructor)  

Project:  handmade jewelry/valuables box

Tools required for class: ear and eye protection, tape measure, set (6) of good chisels. Low angle block plane, smoothing plane ( Most of the following tools are available at Ebanista).  6” adj square, layout tools, low-, Japanese saw. Call w questions.

Also recommended: Design Studio; Sharpening Workshop; Veneering Workshop, Planemaking Workshop, Keep Your Workshop Working,etc.

Students who start in on the Intermediate level should have a high comfort level on all principal woodworking machines; confidence with hand power tools such a routers, jigsaws and biscuit joiners; continued growth with hand planes and tool sharpening.The Intermediate class series are all ten weeks long, with over 60 hours of instruction and bench time.

This class marks student's first opportunity to go from simple box forms into furniture. We believe that the techniques learned in this series of classes will form the foundation for all furniture projects all the way to each persons finest pieces for many years to come. The project we will be working on is a pair of bedside, or couchside tables. The principal joint which we will employ in the construction of these tables is the mortise-and-tenon, which we will learn not only in its simplest hand cut form, but also with a variety of more contemporary options such as the horizontal mortiser and the hand held Domino. The table design includes a gently curving leg and spokeshaves, compass planes and other hand tools will be explored. Bends, arcs, curves can bring a whole new level of sophistication to a woodworker's repertoire.

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