Advanced – Chairs

Advanced – Chairs

with Jonathan Cohen


Pre-requisites:  Intermediate I and/or II , or permission of the instructor.)

Also recommended: Design Studio, Veneering Workshop, Sharpening Workshop

Project: Chair

Tools required: see Intermediate II above. Plus spokeshave, rabbet plane

Also recommended: Design Studio, Veneering Workshop, Sharpening Workshop

Making chairs is one of the most difficult, and most satisfying pieces of furniture a woodworker can make. Most all other pieces always have two critical criteria they must reach. Quality of work, and appeal of design. If it is not well built, it obviously will not last. If its’ design is not appealing, you won’t want it to last. Achieving both in one piece of furniture should be your minimum requirement every time you begin a piece. 

But with chairs there is one more important element to add to the mix: ergonomics. Even if your chair is well made and well designed, if it is not comfortable, no one will want to sit in it. It becomes a plant stand, or a place to throw your keys. You will need to gain more understanding of the human body and the support it needs. Good chairs often take years to develop, but in this ten-week class, we will start with one of the instructor’s designs and leap into making a relatively simple looking chair that will challenge your ability to cut precision joinery, and cut and plane curved pieces of wood, and even to dabble in fabrics and upholstery. Completing this class successfully should give a student a sense that they are beginning to be able to build nearly anything in wood.

If a student has made it through this entire series of classes, constantly worked on their sharpening and hand tool skills, and developed their sense of design, it takes no leap of faith to believe that the whole world of woodworking is now theirs for the taking.

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