Class Tools

The following tools are required of every student. They need to be with you whenever you are at Ebanista:

Good quality earphones- (hearing is the only sense that cannot be repaired); safety glasses; 6”metal rule; 12’ or 16’ tape measure; supply of pencils. (recommended: a white one for dark woods as well).

Highly recommended: a high quality  6”metal adjustable square. Starrett has been the standard for years. A 12” try square. Dust mask/respirator.

You will also be furnished with a specific list of tools for each class or workshop once classes begin. We have some very foundational tools available at the school, such as a nice set of Japanese chisels and water stones, Japanese hand saws, marking knives and planes. You are, of course welcome to bring any chisels, planes, measuring tools etc of your own that you wish to use.